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Evaluation of digital tools

As a teacher you are offered a wide arrange of digital tools to use in the classroom. Some are better than others and some are only usable in certain situations or assignments. As a teacher in the modern classroom you are tasked with sifting thru the available apps and digital tools. Usage of PowerPoint and YouTube has for a lot of, if not most, teachers in Sweden become basic common practice. The following analysis of some tools that can be used should bring light on what to watch out for in classroom apps an digital teaching tools. I will look at the tools with the SAMR-model displayed below to see is the tool falls under "Enchantment" or "Transformation". S ubstitution  A ugmentation  M odification  R edefinition   LINK Anki is described by the creators as a "flashcard tool".  The tool runs on a pretty much all types of types of devices running Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any device with a web browser.

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